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    Furnace issue...

    So guys and gals, furnace was short cycling on me....

    Had a repair guy out (I have a maintenance agreement) and he cleaned the flame sensor. He seems to think something we are doing in the basement is causing build up on the sensor. This is a medium eff. furnace so it does not use outside air for combustion. He thinks maybe some chemicals that I use on the bikes is the culprit. I'm not certain on that one since I really don't use much of anything on the bikes except for chain lube. I might pledge the frames once in a while, but that's it.

    What I wonder is if maybe our 6 day week trainer sessions in causing the problem. There's two of us down there and we sure work up a pretty good sweat and raise the humidity level in the basement pretty good. Most times it gets to the point that the dehumidifier we have in the room where the furnace is kicks on. We are setup in the next room so the distance isn't too far.

    Oh well at least we have consistent heat now...
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    When we moved into our house, we found a huge supply of new ignitors in boxes on the furnace. We couldn't figure out why. Then we realized that the previous owner used the shower which is in the same room as the furnance; we figure the humidity was burning out ignitors regularly.

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