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    Foo..... d

    Took a 3 hour road trip to Phonecia, NY (Catskills reigon, Exit 19 of the NY Thruway) this AM for breakfast at a little place called 'Sweet Sue's'... Gourmet pancakes at their finest! A regular stack of pancakes 10 - 12 inchs in diameter gotta be 3/4" thick. Light, fluffy and delicious. I had a combo stack, one each of: Corn Meal, Strawberry, and a Blue Monkey (Blueberries & Banana). Um, um, um GOOD!

    If you are ever in the Catskills and are looking for a Dyn-o-mite place to eat you gotta got to Sweet Sue's. Aks anyone... they'll point you the way.

    While you're in the area a ride up Devils Kitchen is only a half hour away. Devil's Kitchen, that killer climb on the '89 Tour de Trump. Wow, that brought back some memories going thru there again.... and the foliage! OMG wonderful

    We now return you to our regularly scheduled broadcast

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    I'd rather eat out for breakfast than any other meal. Starts the day off in style.

    I used to go to Grandma Shatley's in Kannapolis for a great breakfast, then they closed, then I moved away.

    Sweet Sue's sounds like my kind of place.

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