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    No time to say, "Goodbye..."

    I guess I'm like one of those strange people that kept showing up at every Rocky Horror Picture Show--I can't seem to shake myself free of this BF habit. It's really rather embarrassing, I mean, I have to agree with Maj. Taylor on this one. All you have to do is look at my shamelessly obsessive-compulsively driven participation here and you know my sickness. It's like leprosy, or something.


    Oh well, since my disease is obvious and the cat's out of the bag anyway, I might as well quit trying to resist the temptation to post more insane...oops, I mean, inane comments. But really, BF is theraputic, if you think about it for a minute. It's like a safety-valve to keep me from exploding and becoming like Michael Douglas's character in, "Falling Down." A free forum to be a crazy fool so I can resume my masquerade as a "normal person" in real life.

    Thank you, Bike Forums! thank you, Joe! (I'll send you a life-size cutout of Bozo the Clown. Deep down, he was a schizo, too!)

    No worries

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    Well, like Neil Diamond said "Hello again, hello!".


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    P.S. Bozo was no schitzoid... he was just misunderstood...


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