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    Will They Ever Give Up?????

    I know that most of us know about the scam buyers. I meant, rip offs out there but I had to post this so that some kid out there isn't taken.
    For the 1st time in all my many listing the scammers are loading my mail box with there BS.
    Give it up already guys. No pick ups at the house. No checks. You run it thru the bank get my account numbers than do a major withdraw. The charge card is stolen or you stop the charge. The rip off is out of state and it cost more for the attorney than the item is worth. And all the other old time techniques.
    And scammers most of all use some of that money and time you have to take some spelling lessons or find out how to use the spell check.
    To all of us who work for a living..Happy Holidays!

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    TT Cyclist

    Im a UK newbie and i agree with you 100%, they are idiots, most of them are based in west africa, although could be anywhere in the in this day and age. to the decent hard working honest people out there, ride hard enjoy life and your bike, you scammers get a life and a job

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