SO the thread might come across as silly, although I do appreciate the intelligent responses.

I am 31, a commercial manager at my company in Australia. My company will pay for me to do further study/professional development courses which is fantastic. I want to utilise this although between you and I, I still dont know what I want to do with my life let alone my career.

I have a law degree and a science degree (major in computer science). (I dont use either directly). I then went into business and have worked for major international corporations. They used to send you on courses without much choice by the individual. I actually prefer working than these 'waffle' courses as I learn in my job plus its more productive.

That said, I really do value my 6 years of University education after high school (just no more 2 min noodles please). I do have gaps to improve upon for my work such as finance, accounting etc. Although I have been reading about these areas in my free time plus my property/share investments mean I want a good grounding here.

The obvious choice would be a MBA. But then where? Full time/part time? etc.

Although MBAs seem common/general now and I dont know what my career path is .i.e would I need it. I do enjoy working although mainly because I learn so much in the business world. Later I imagine my path may lead to senior management in a company or having my own business/or businesses. I am intrigued by asset management/investment companies also.

The general nature is appealing in that I might be able to use it in other parts of my life. Plus I REALLY need to improve my finance and accounting knowledge/skills. Where would you recommend?

I don't want to study full time either as I really like my job although if there was a great course, then I could put it in my longterm plan to work towards on a sabatical. (I have studied a lot already) so would prefer to currently study part time whilst working. Some residential sessions would be good and I am happy to travel (studying abroad I feel would be the best development possible).

Even short workshops/courses that you have heard about?

*I know many will say ask in my industry, although I am not just about my industry. I am talking general strong development and education that I can use for myself, my career or who knows.

* in short, I am learning on my own time. Work has given a great opportunity (to be used ASAP i.e this month) to formalise my education and get another qualification.


*** also please share your own experiences in the area. Thanks!