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    [ 'puter security ] Updates for Mac, Windows, Adobe, FireFox, Thunderbird...

    First off, Mozilla has a handy check-up page here that should tell you if you need updates for your browser plug-ins/extensions, try it out: Browser add-ons and extensions are a big target these days, so keeping them up-to-date has real value.

    Windows Today is the customary monthly patch day for Microsoft. They've got patches up for Windows and Office.

    I recommend upgrading from the stock Windows Update engine to the more-comprehensive Microsoft Update engine. Get it from (you might have it already).

    Windows, part 2 A very sophisticated worm was developed for targeted corporate espionage which exploits a TrueType font handler. Only a few systems in the world have been attacked by Duqu, but the underlying vulnerability has serious attack potential if other bad guys can figure it out before it gets fixed. Microsoft is making a proper patch for it, but if you'd like a stopgap fix in the meanwhile, use their Fix-It here: Expected impact: you can't create PDF files from Office software.

    Mac Apple has updates for the Mac-specific version of Java that ships with Snow Leopard and Lion. Java vulnerabilities can be serious, so update OSX using Apple Update and get that covered.

    FireFox and Thunderbird Version 8 of both have been released. Security fixes, yada yada.

    Adobe Shockwave Adobe patched Shockwave to fix some vulnerabilities. If you have Shockwave and don't use it, uninstall it. But if you do use it, get the latest version at

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    Thank you.

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