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    Skype is great ..but needs push to talk option

    I used skype today for the first time to communicate with fellow gamers while on a multiplayer match. I'm impress by the sound quality and how easy it was to set up. It didn't took 2 minutes to install, setup and start using it. Overall, skype is good.

    However, I used it while everybody here was asleep. Had my kids been awake, my party would have been hearing them all the time.

    My mike has a mute button. I guess I could use that. But still, it would be a "push not to talk" button, kinda... Imagining I would keep it mute as a norm, it would go like this:

    a) press mute to "unmute"
    b) tell team mate "enemy behind you!"
    c) press mute to mute again

    While with a push to talk function it would be more like:

    a) press PPT "behind you"

    Less steps. Not to mention that a PPT as a software function could be bind to an unused button on the game controller. Keeping my hands close to da trigga'

    Anyway, it was still good. The team played 10 matches against some Russians and dominated the map every time, thanks to effective voice comms.

    Get to da choppa!
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    Mumble. You can even get it for Android.

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