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    Steam gamers: Steam got compromised.

    This covers it pretty well:

    Recommended actions:

    1. change your Steam password.

    2. if you used that password at any other site, change those too.

    3. in Steam, de-authorize all other computers in SteamGuard, even if there shouldn't be any others.

    4. if you bought anything from Steam's store using a credit card, keep an eye open for unauthorized activity. This is one reason I always buy Steam games using PayPal. *jinxes himself*

    5. watch for possible freebies from Steam to compensate us for our trouble

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    Thanks for the heads-up. I haven't fired up Steam in a few months, guess I better jump in and change my password.

    Luckily It's been at least two years since my last purchase and I know the CC's I had back then are no longer useable.
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    I only play battlefield 3 and eve online so no steam here. But good info.

    Oh... and minecraft.
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