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    No Black Friday threads this year?

    It caught me by surprise. We trew out all old food during the move and ran out what we had so we *had* to go get something, we were hungry. Approaching the Walmart we noticed the HUGE amount of ppl and then realized, OH NOES! BLACK FRIDAY HORDES! But still, we were hungry and there was no other store open.

    Once inside, got shopper and found OMFG 42 inch TV @ $199... I was seduced while fiance remain doubtful. After working our way through the crowd we finally found employee who said "TV is below those balloons" while pointing @ balloons at other side of the store. Worked crowd till we reached balloons and 2nd employee says "you need to get a ticket over there", again pointing at far away location. Worked/fight our way through and reached the ticket giving employee who said "I'm out of ticket until midnight". Oh well...

    The damn TV shopping experience continued at midnight, then relocated to another Walmart and suffered some more... to make the story short we were back at home around 3:30AM, no tv, no damn ticket, and pretty bad mod. Black Friday be damn! And I don't even watch TV lol.
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    As close as I got to madness was stopping by motorcycle shop in the afternoon to check out some shoes. They are running sale through Sunday so no reason to rush. I avoid Wall Mart like a plague in general, but it's special type of insanity and idiocy on Black Friday.

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