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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution & Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Missing Link [REVIEW]

    So, it's been quite a while since Square-Enix dropped this prequel of the Deus Ex series.
    I'm here to review this game, and it's DLC, The Missing Link

    You play the role of Adam Jensen, a security officer for the bio-tech corporation Sarif Industries. Adam starts out in the game unaugmented, but is augmented after an attack on Sarif Industries.

    This game takes place in Detroit, Shanghai, Singapore and a place called Panchea.

    This game, I believe, rates very high in replayability. The reasons of this are due to the different augmentations you can get to serve different purposes, as well as the modification of almost, if not all, weapons in the game.
    The augmentations add a fresh new gameplay mechanic that has not been seen since the second Deus Ex title, Invisible War.
    This game runs on a modified Crystal Dynamics Crystal engine, which works very well in the game.

    The Missing Link DLC takes place in the "few days" when which he stowed away onto a ship on a cryobed. The DLC starts with Adam being totured on the ship.

    You awake on a ship. There is a list of things to be done.

    The ocean.

    Gameplay: Same as the main game, but in this DLC you can choose different augmentations, which do not effect the main game.


    Issues: Although this is a great game, it isn't without a few issues. The most annoying and common problem in PC instances of this game are random drops of frame rate, to about 10fps. As annoying as this problem is, with a little patience, just give it time to pass. Also, this game uses different graphics for the playable parts of the game, and the cutscenes.

    "Crack": By the term "crack" I do not mean cracking the game. I mean the equivalent of crack which all games have, for Dead Space it's semiconductors, for Sonic, it's rings, Mario Kart Double Dash has blue sparks, etc.
    The "crack" in this game is Praxis Kits, which are items you use to unlock augmentations, or to improve the ones you already have.

    I enjoy this game, but not so much the DLC. The graphics are good and the story is well written, with enough conspiracies to make... I dunno... Lunar Truth? jealous.
    Also, the game has 4 different endings.

    Audio: 9.5
    Visual: 7 (for the frame rate drops.)
    Replayability: 10
    Controls: 9
    Voice Acting: 10

    This gives the game an average rating of 9.1 out of ten.
    I would suggest that anyone into FPS games, or FPS RPGs, to check this out.

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    My days of FPSs are over. I found this out when I bought the latest one. I loaded it into my computer, played it for about an hour and found it quite boring. Having said that, it's not because deus ex is bad, it's actually an amazing game. I'm sure 10 years ago I'd be as hooked as I was on the original one ... though I'm glad I'm not. It's a huge time waster.

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