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    Product page Web design


    I'm doing some user experience research. I've been asked to design a new website for a friend of mine who runs a Bike shop.

    Basically when buying a bike or accessories online which sites do you currently use and why?

    What features would you like to see on a product page? e.g. high def images, big buy now button or reviews etc!

    This would help me a large amount.


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    I buy from performance / nashbar and / or Amazon most often.

    Clear and precise specification is nice. Availability is nice. Like lots of pictures, since I cannot actually hold the item. I do tend to be a review based buyer, so item reviews would be valuable to me.

    so, pictures, specs and reviews.

    I have never bought a bike online, but I would want to see frame geometry and tube lengths for sure as well as a diagram of the frame.

    Best of luck with your site.
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    Last online bike purchases I made were on eBay. I bought a bike and a saddle. I also concluded negotiations with my LBS over the purchase of another bike via email while on a trip. Though I did order a pump directly from Zefal since the local stores don't carry it, and got a replacement screw for the seat from Bacchetta.

    I mostly use a store's on-line presence to know what they stock and when they are open. It would seem that also using their site to improve their connection into the local market, showing rides and events their store participate in, as well as bike advocacy measures might be good.
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    Bad examples (I like these people, but the web pages, uhhh... ) :
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