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    Top Deals !!! Eddy Merckx Frames Directly From Belgium Factory

    Top frames for sale directly from Belgium :

    Eddy Merckx frame MXM CARBON SLOPING 2.300 or 3.061 US dollar. (normal price 3.600 US dollar)

    Frames available size : all frame sizes available

    Eddy Merckx has long been notorious for resisting the allure -- and the occassional faddishness -- of new technology, so loyal Merckx riders waited for years for the Cannibal to finally produce a carbon frame worthy of his name. Unlike other carbon fiber framesets that offer carbon tubes mated to aluminum lugs, the Eddy Merckx Carbon MXM is a true monocoque frameset. There are no internal or external reinforcements of any other materials. This eliminates any possibility of creaking, squeaking or movement of the frame as a result of materials shifting or rubbing against each other.

    The MXM is made from several different types and multiple layers of carbon fiber using over 100 pieces in each frame. The outer layer (the only layer visible on the finished product) is a highly resistant carbon mesh, protecting the frame from the normal external forces bicycles face. Kevlar layers are used in critical high stress areas and linear T700 aerospace carbon fiber and high modulus carbon fiber are oriented to stiffen the structure of the frame where necessary. All work is done by hand. Once all the carbon has been laid, it is cured in an autoclave with 6 Atmospheres of pressure at 180 Celsius. This compacts all the layers and forces any air that may be trapped between.

    for more information or questions : mail

    frames are shipped with courier services to USA, 80 dollar

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    Right now, the exchange rate is a bit higher than you said. It's about 1.40 for 1 Euro. So that makes the bike $3200, not $3061.

    You can get the frame for less than that here in the USA. Sorry about that, but this doesn't seem like much of a deal. And in a few months, it'll be even less than that.


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