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    Members of the LolZsec Hacker's Organization got arrested

    From Fox News: Infamous international hacking group LulzSec brought down by own leader

    Apparently the FBI got one, convinced him to work for the FBI and then caught the other ones.

    I highly doubt the claim that this guy was "the leader" because members of these groups operate very independently. The guy, "Hector Xavier Monsegur" from New York, looks as puertorrican as they come, except for the last name:

    As the news spread, some sites even call him "the most wanted hacker" which again, I highly doubt. Such title would elevate (skill wise) this guy to the statue of Kevin David Mitnick. Those are some *BIG* shoes to fill.

    PS: And for the record... what does it takes to be a skilled hacker? (according to rube that is)... IMHO a good example would be George Hotz (GeoHot on the interwebs). This is the guy that hacked the Iphone and made it possible to jailbreak.
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