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    jailbreaking the iPhone


    I am curious about this.

    From what I read this is a reasonably simple and low risk thing.

    I have no super-tech-geek needs. Just want to deal with a couple of super-annoying aspects of the phone (like unwanted update notifications to disappear and to remove some apps the iceholes refuse to let me get rid of).

    I know it sounds a bit OCD for such relatively minor things but they really do bug the **** out of me.

    Any experience with this? Worth doing? Risk of bricking?
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    Not much risk of bricking as it's software, not firmware. I've JB'd every one I've had for the past 6 years. Follow the guide for your particular model.

    Only issue is to make sure you turn off automatic updates from your carrier. It will un-jailbreak your phone.

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