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HardyWeinberg 11-30-13 08:36 PM

A day late but not a dollar short


HardyWeinberg 12-06-13 01:21 PM


Shifty 12-06-13 01:35 PM

Men Without Hats?

grueling 12-06-13 05:28 PM


skidder 02-06-14 08:37 PM

Almost forgot these guys. Good 1980s power-pop stuff from Australia:


Zinger 02-07-14 03:19 AM


From what used to be known as an album/LP: "Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar"
Been waitin' for this to show up on the tube for awhile.

bikeguyinvenice 02-07-14 06:57 AM

One of my favorite Ozzy songs from the early 80's


trsidn 02-07-14 07:57 AM


bikebuddha 02-07-14 09:03 AM

This came up on the shuffle today and took me back to the time when I was young and optimistic about the future.


grueling 02-07-14 10:16 AM


trsidn 02-07-14 10:44 AM


trsidn 02-07-14 11:17 AM


skijor 02-07-14 12:32 PM


chewybrian 02-07-14 04:56 PM


skidder 02-08-14 10:34 AM

How about another from Australia's Hoodoo Gurus. From 1984:


Zinger 02-14-14 03:29 AM


Hot Sade

The Jazz version of this song

trsidn 03-28-14 10:17 AM


trsidn 03-28-14 10:21 AM


skijor 03-28-14 11:51 AM


skidder 03-28-14 02:58 PM

Weren't these guys from the 1980s? They put on some great, funny, enertaining live shows


Deal4Fuji 03-28-14 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by skidder (Post 16478469)
How about another from Australia's Hoodoo Gurus. From 1984:


Good tune !! I can't believe there's a guru fan here, I posted "I Want You Back" on another thread here about good songs that never were a hit. I'm a newbie and of my 10 posts, only 2 are about biking :)

Another good 80's band & song that was industrial before that was a genre, Poison Ivy or the other guitarist does a good job of riffing a garbage truck sound. Sad that Lux Interior is no longer with us...their biggest claim to fame may be Lorde wearing a Cramps T on the cover of Rolling Stone a few weeks ago.[video=youtube;0N2-jV189Zs][/video]

trsidn 04-04-14 01:26 PM



Deal4Fuji 04-11-14 04:27 PM

Early Cure - great song & video - technically released in Sept '79 but close enough for R&R


jdon 04-18-14 07:51 AM

CbadRider 04-18-14 08:40 AM



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