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jsharr 06-15-12 10:33 AM


grueling 06-15-12 02:02 PM





Pidge 06-15-12 04:01 PM




CbadRider 06-15-12 04:22 PM




Wordbiker 06-15-12 07:47 PM





CbadRider 06-15-12 08:55 PM


skijor 06-22-12 11:11 AM


jsharr 06-22-12 11:17 AM

Listening to 6 x 6 Eighties on Spotify today.

bigbenaugust 06-22-12 12:01 PM

oh, my misspent youth listening to Richard Blade's Flashback Lunch on KROQ.

CbadRider 06-22-12 02:10 PM


colorider 06-22-12 03:08 PM

Can't have 80's music without U2

Sunday Bloody Sunday at Red Rocks

HardyWeinberg 06-22-12 03:46 PM

70s via 80s


HardyWeinberg 06-22-12 03:48 PM

Oh look, the whole movie!


HardyWeinberg 06-22-12 03:51 PM

Georgia Satellites were great; all the hair of MTV but actual rock & roll content:


HardyWeinberg 06-22-12 03:59 PM

80s via the 00s


mmmdonuts 06-22-12 05:17 PM

This one's been stuck in my head for a week now.


Pidge 06-22-12 06:48 PM


This video scared me as a wee one! :O




Pidge 06-22-12 07:16 PM




sonatageek 06-22-12 07:51 PM

Blotto 'I want to be a lifeguard'

skijor 06-22-12 09:55 PM


andyman1970 06-23-12 05:51 PM

One of the best live bands ever:

root11 06-23-12 06:17 PM

anybody know the song/artist that had the lryic "memory loss is a crime". lyric search has come up blank. It would be a CFNY (Toronto) tune from the mid 80's! Kind of ironic I can't place "memory loss is a crime"!

HardyWeinberg 06-29-12 08:15 PM

Resurrected in the 80s for the Repo Man soundtrack


(That's Jerry Harrison later from the Talking Heads on keyboards here behind Jonathan Richman)

CbadRider 06-29-12 08:26 PM



skijor 06-29-12 08:37 PM


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