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Old 07-24-12, 09:02 PM   #1
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Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?

And what type of setting (desert, tropical beach, alpine forest, arctic/polar, ??) would you prefer?

I'm more of a sunrise person myself, but since I've been unemployed, I find myself on my wife's sleep cycle- so I'm going to bed around 0300 and waking up around 0900.

Can't make up my mind what vista I'd like to view a sunrise from, but it's kinda boring watching from the same locale all the time...
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Old 07-24-12, 09:39 PM   #2
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usually sunsets. one of my hobbies is astronomy.
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Old 07-24-12, 09:45 PM   #3
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I am not a morning person at all.
That said, I prefer to watch a sun rise rather than dusk. Probably because I don't see them as often.
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Old 07-24-12, 10:15 PM   #4
<3 2 Ride 
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I love to watch the sun set over Lake Michigan.

I think watching the sun rise over Lake Huron, then driving across to watch the sun set over Lake Michigan could qualify as a perfect day.
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Old 07-24-12, 10:16 PM   #5
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Old 07-24-12, 10:28 PM   #6
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I personally prefer sunsets. It's comforting (no matter what kind of day you've had) to watch as it seemingly comes to a close. It's a time of reflection and optimism for the future for me, as well as an appreciation for the past. Plus, when you're biking, it's usually cooling down, which feels much better than when it's warming up.

Plus, sunsets start way too early for me. And I'm too lazy to actually wake up at that time.
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Old 07-24-12, 11:10 PM   #7
Flying Merkel
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Sunrise in the desert. Sunset over the ocean.
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Old 07-25-12, 12:47 AM   #8
Pedaled too far.
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Usually a sunset, but sunrise gleaming on the Santa Rosa mountains is amazing.
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Old 07-25-12, 01:26 AM   #9
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I see sunrise less so appreciate it more.
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Old 07-25-12, 03:46 AM   #10
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Sunrise. I laugh at people who sleep in.
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Old 07-25-12, 05:30 AM   #11
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Overall I would say I have enjoyed sunsets more.

Currently right on the Atlantic ocean though. *Fantastic* sunrises come up over the ocean, which I can see from deck with coffee in hand. So, for now - sunrises.
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Old 07-25-12, 05:40 AM   #12
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It is hard to watch a sunset over the Atlantic. Although being 'centrally located' I could go to the Gulf, but then would miss the moonrise over the Atlantic.

What I particurally like is a sunrize coupled with ther features, like a low hanging fog layer that will burn off in a few hours.

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Old 07-25-12, 06:38 AM   #13
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I like them both. Usually I see the sunrise after night shift so it could be considered a sunset.
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Old 07-25-12, 06:50 AM   #14
Closed Office
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I read the stats on how many people die in their sleep each night. Can't remember the number, but it was a small city wiped out by morning.

It's always nice to see a new day start.
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Old 07-25-12, 08:02 AM   #15
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Originally Posted by AllenG View Post
I am not a morning person at all.
That said, I prefer to watch a sun rise rather than dusk. Probably because I don't see them as often.
Same here. On the days when I'm up and take in the sunrise I get a feeling of getting a jump start on the day. As far as where? Well I have no mountains. I have no ocean. So, I've learned to appreciate the sunrise over the city.

The other side of that, though, is that sunrise in Texas in the summer means it'll be getting mighty hot soon. Evening and sunset mean things are cooling off. I start most of my rides at sunset and enjoy the evening cool*.

*or at least "not as hot as broad daylight."
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Old 07-25-12, 08:09 AM   #16
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Sunrise in the mountains is nice but sunset on the water is better. Sunset in the mountains is tied with sunrise on the water for third.

I love the tranquility of sitting by the water at night, as daylight fades and darkness envelops me and distant lights are reflected on the water. Spent many a night on the boat dock just watching twinkling lights and thinking.
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Old 07-25-12, 09:23 AM   #17
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Sunrise is bad... it mean people are gonna wake up and start making noises.
"Hoy es un dia normal, pero yo voy a hacerlo intenso" ~ Juanes
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Old 07-25-12, 03:21 PM   #18
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I love both equally but since I tend to catch more sunsets... I find sunrises more special. There is something about the nice, cool, clear air at that time of the morning...

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Old 07-26-12, 03:46 PM   #19
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I try not to be up in time for sunrises.
Originally Posted by ElJamoquio View Post
.... Other than being completely wrong, you're correct.
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I am on the west coast, so sunsets are always special... provided there is no coastal cloud cover.

On the other hand my bed faces a huge open window to the east... So I tend to enjoy the sun rises too.

The sunrise sparks the opening of a new day, so that has it's own positive feelings. The sunset marks the close of a day, thus a nice way to end the show, so to speak.

I don't have a preference for either, but long ago I stopped taking photos of beautiful sunsets as it occurred to me that there are rarely unbeautiful sunsets. Now from time to time I am reminded that I have fewer sunsets to pass than I have already seen.
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Old 07-26-12, 07:36 PM   #21
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I see more sunsets being on the west coast so I prefer them. And you don't get the green flash with a sunrise.
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Old 07-26-12, 10:59 PM   #22
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Spent a lot of my life seeing sunrises, even though I'm not a fan of getting up early. (If it's not already light, why am I awake?)

HATED seeing sunrises from military bases, or from a tent during a field exercise. Got to like them a little better while waiting at the bus stop with my kids.

There IS a purity to a sunrise that a sunset just doesn't have. RIDING into one, even commuting, is a stirring experience...for a while.
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Old 07-27-12, 08:55 AM   #23
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Probably sunrise, which is odd because I much prefer autumn to spring.
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Old 07-28-12, 08:42 PM   #24
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Alpenglow in the mountains is awesome.

But sunrise is great because of all the wonderful things I'll do that day!
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