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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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Does anyone here do worm composting?

My yard is all hardscape. I'm considering getting some worm compost boxes and I'm wondering how well they work out.
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I just want to breed fishing worms
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My ex tried it. I don't recall much success. The bins went to the zoo where she worked eventually.
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My old boss moved from the city to the country a few years ago - and she wanted all natural gardens for veggies, etc - and so she started some worm gardens in her basement. First off - she hates bugs and yuck and blarg so I thought that this was really odd for her. But in talking to her - the worms for the most part take care of her organic compost and she reaps the benefits of great dirt with lots of worms. As of this past Spring, she was going to go to a bigger composter to handle more worms, etc.

Amazed me. Wouldn't mind trying whatever system she did in the future. Only thing I know about this whole project is that she purchased a not to cheap rubbermaid kinda name brand affair and followed the instructions on how to build a worm garden.

Ahhh future for me
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Bob Ross
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Originally Posted by windhchaser View Post
I just want to breed fishing worms
My dad did that in the 1970s. Had a big galvanized washtub (which, now that I think about it, I realize he "borrowed" from my washtub bass!) filled with dirt and wet newspaper, and seeded with a handful of nightcrawlers. Apparently it worked, he never bought live bait in all the times I went fishing with him.
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We did it for awhile. Worked really well.

They do eat the garbage, they multiply, so you have plenty of fish bait.

I just left them in a location that got too wet. I drowned them eventually.
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.... Other than being completely wrong, you're correct.
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most local cemeteries
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The compost bin we have behind the greenhouse is slap full of worms. You can throw a pine tree in it and it is gone in a few months.
Supposedly you don't have to turn it over as often either, but because that is where the worms are every time someone goes fishing at the lake they dig in it and it gets turned over that way.
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