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Old 11-13-12, 08:52 AM   #1
Cool Beans
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What did you do this weekend?

Anything fun..exciting, scary, or frivolous?
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Riding Heaven's Highways on the grand tour
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Archery coompetition.....and then went to see Dad.
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You gonna eat that?
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Our Sunday Night Pub Crawl turned into a Sunday Night Food Drive.

Instead of going to bars we went to Fiesta Mart and bought food that will be going to the county food bank. This is our second annual food drive, which will run through the end of the year. We collected more on our kickoff than we did all of last year, and at each of our twice-weekly rides we will be collecting food.
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I hunted and played music for a small local show.
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I made this knife

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chris u have mad skillz
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I purchased a birthday present for chris.... I should finally get around to sending it out in the mail soon.

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You Know!? For Kids!
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Attended the popcorn pick up for my cub scout pack on Saturday AM with our youngest son, guided him as he help sort and load popcorn for the pack. Coached our final game of the 6th grade tackle football season Saturday noon for our oldest son. Hard fought loss and bittersweet end to a hard season. He starts playing jr. high football next year, so my coaching days with him are about at an end. Saw lots of change and growth in the three years I got to work with his friends and him.

Spent Saturday afternoon installing a new doggie door and rehabbing the old doggie door and relocating it to the dog house that is attached to our house. Basically made a two door system to help cut down on the draft that the doggie door caused.

Saturday night was scary. Wade got burned pretty badly on his right shoulder blade when a candle caught his hoodie on fire. Spent Sunday and Monday caring for him, hanging out, taking him to Dr. etc. Still out of school today due to pain and discomfort. Probably about 15- 20 square re inches of 1st and 2nd degree burn.

Did not get time to ride.
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Phobias are for irrational fears. Fear of junk ripping badgers is perfectly rational. Those things are nasty.
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Originally Posted by MangoPumpkin View Post
Anything fun..exciting, scary, or frivolous?
Did my first ever charity ride:

Was an excellent ride. Several of the kids from the UCP center greeted us at the end of the ride with homemade medals. It was so heart-warming and made me realize how lucky I am to healthy. They have such a great attitude.

We already have plans to attend next year. Also, we raised over $57,000 for UCP Tampa.
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Old 11-13-12, 10:42 AM   #10
NFL Owner
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Saturday went to lunch at a kick-ass burger place, then went shopping for cheap t-shirts (couldn't find any) & a scanner (didn't find what we wanted). Cooked teriyaki chicken & mashed potatoes & peas for dinner.
Sunday went to Waffle House for breakfast. Raked the yard. Watched football. Took a nap. Bagged the leaves from the yard. Watched more football. Had Chinese take-out for dinner.
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Old 11-13-12, 10:42 AM   #11
on by
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Moved into the new-to-me house with anesthetic as needed. A nice step up at a sweet interest rate...3.375% for 30year which I'll pay off in less than half that.
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Old 11-13-12, 11:17 AM   #12
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I rode my bike, got a haircut, and came down with a cold.
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Now get on your cheap bike and give me a double century. You walking can of Crisco!!

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Went to the end of year awards ceremony for the local motorcycle roadracing club (WMRRA) saturday night. Spent sunday recovering.
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Thunder Whisperer
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Saturday: Stayed home with the kids until the wife got home from work. Then we left the kids at home to go meet up with some of my wife's old school mates she hasn't seen in person for more than 20 years. The gathering was held at the local Hard Rock. Thing is, she didn't know where exactly to meet up, she didn't have anybody's phone numbers, and she couldn't access her Facebook (how all this got arranged in the first place) from her phone. We walked around both levels for an hour without seeing anyone either of us knew and bailed. Had dinner at Village Inn, then went to the RiverSpirit and 'donated' some money to the Creek Nation.

Sunday: Slept in, then had a late lunch at Chili's (wife ate for free- she's a Navy vet). Went back home to pick up our daughter who got home late from church, then went to Vintage Stock to trade the old N64 games in for PS2 games and memory card. Wife surprised me by going to Hooter's for their free wings w/drink purchase special for Vets.
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Old 11-13-12, 03:59 PM   #15
derailleurs are overrated
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Sat: went solo via bike/train to the SF Bike Expo, picked up a great-looking set of Cannondale panniers at the swap meet. Had lunch at the Samoan place near the expo, then came home. Spent the afternoon with some family friends, one of whom is 4 and has brain cancer. 9 people in the apartment, 3 boys (2.5, 4, and 7) one girl (7 mos), 4 parents and a grandma. When our son stopped melting down on the way home, we fed him and got both kids in bed ASAP, then I ran out to the taqueria and picked up dinner for the two of us. It was the most civilized dinner we've had in months. Then we watched some cheeseball movie from the Redbox.

Sun: Hid out in the church's network closet and fixed the wireless network issues. Turns out the DHCP pool was full because the default lease time of a week is ridiculous for that environment. During naptime, I changed the tube on my SSCX bike two weeks after it went flat. After naptime, we went to the park just before sundown and I walked on to the Redbox to make the return. Bedtime was blissfully uneventful.

Monday: Clips on great-looking set of Cannondale panniers broke when I hit a dip at full speed on my SSCX bike. I have the hardware around to repair, just need to measure the rivets and see if my riveter is up to it.
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I ate pad thai, and lots of it! It was an awesome weekend.
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Tom Stormcrowe
Out fishing with Annie on his lap, a cigar in one hand and a ginger ale in the other, watching the sunset.
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I painted my screened in porch and prepped to install Luan Wainscots.
. “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”- Fredrick Nietzsche

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Simon Cowbell
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Flew into Fresno and rented a Volvo C70, attending my nephew's wedding on Saturday. Kind of an all day, all night deal. Then on Sunday I took my little sister up into King's Canyon NP to see the big trees. Cool to see the Sequoia in the snow. We had fun driving up 180 with the sun out and the top down, the heater and tunes cranking. Flew back home Monday.
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I went with my high school robotics team to the Texas regional championships for B.E.S.T. robotics. (we didn't win)
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Drove from Rock Springs to Grand Junction on Saturday, then on Sunday explored the Rim Road on the Colorado National Monument for five or six hours, and on Monday drove out to and explored for hours on end the Arches National Park in Utah.

Now we are in Colorado Spring and have just returned from a trip up Pikes Peak and to the Garden of the Gods nearby.

So it's been a wow, wow, wow weekend for us.
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Jeff Wills
Insane Bicycle Mechanic
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Went and visited my wife's cousins. Didn't ride my bike, but they live on the side of a mountain. Foggy up there.
Jeff Wills

Comcast nuked my web page. It will return soon..
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Saturday: cant recall, was a blur. But finished reading George Orwell's Animal Farm.
Sunday: went for first leisure/group ride after more than 2 years just commuting. Magnificent fun, great weather!
Monday: woke up wondering if it was saturday or sunday. That was a drag.
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Sprained my ankle, flew to Vegas with fam for a friends wedding, upgraded to a black full boat Escalade with the SO's high five. Can barely walk .....eating pain pills, drinking wine, eating really good food.
Make Amerika Grate Again
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Took it easy, 1 month after back surgery and still recovering.
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Sixty Fiver
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Cleaned and cleaned some more... moved furnitre... cleaned some more... purged... and cleaned some more.
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