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When I visited a number of years ago, I tried to speak what little Dutch I knew; my wife is Dutch. the problem was that as soon as I tried to say something they would recognize my Americanness and co-opt the converstion to English. It didnt help when I asked a cop on the street for directions to the next bus-stop. Wahr is de naeste Bustenhalte. (phonetically)
Yeah... my parents got that from the delivery boy when they lived in Holland almost 50 years ago now. They complained about getting short-changed (in Americanized Dutch) and got back "yeah, yeah, you'll get your dime" in Dutch-ized English.

FWIW: my dad was doing graduate work there. I went there in utero, and was born about a month after they arrived. I never claimed to be normal.

When we visited Amsterdam a while back, we saw a '70's Cadillac Coupe de Ville driving along the canal paths. It looked like a supertanker in a bathtub.