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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Ross View Post
    I hate 99.999999981769% of everything Adam Sandler has ever appeared in. You can't even call what he does "acting", he's just being himself...which is a crime for any actor, but when you're being Adam Sandler it's a major felony

    ...however, the 0.000000018231% of Sandler's repertoire which is commendably watchable is the movie Punch Drunk Love. There was something about that vehicle that just fit perfectly with his personality, and the net result wound up surprisingly poignant. Perfect casting there imho.
    Spanglish is pretty good too. Worth watching anyway. The Cajun guy on Waterboy, who was part of the team's staff, was especially relevant for me, having lived in Southwest and Central LA. There are guys you honestly cannot understand if you're not used to hearing the accent of that area of the U.S. It's just so different than most people are used to hearing.,,,,BD

    Kind of like this. I love this accent and the area, but I am a Texan at heart...
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