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    RODNEY RIDES MUP TO DENVER JULY 04 (PICS, 1 of a train!)

    train crossing mup/street.
    2 views of clear creek under a bridge. note the barrier that keeps the path from being flooded (doesn't always work!).
    bridge w/cyclist
    what the heck is that thing with the slots!? a way to move bikes across this ped bridge in the 2100 block of 16th street (north end, north of union station). those bikes are trek share bikes and the girl in the blue shorts was having a hard time keeping it from running away- they have a rear coaster brake. it was a pretty stiff push up to the top and i was grateful i had a hand rear brake coming down. other side has 5 thingys. waak! bikes- the lights are on all the time, 3 igh, drum dynamo in front, probably weighs 2x mine. they seem popular. note that the pic shows 3 on the other side. i saw a lot of them today, i guess not just tourists riding them.
    i tossed in a pic of one of two rentals i saw at molly brown house.

    was gonna do a ride through historic riverside cemetery and get some pics, but couldn't find the entrance from the river's edge and all around me were uninterested and uninformed. i cast around, but no burrito. pbbt, now i'm hungry.
    i may try again saturday, providing we don't have a tsunami on clear creek, or a water spout or a hurricane...
    will do a google map search.

    oh- a kinda funny- when i was trying to figure how to cross that ped bridge without killing/crippling myself i saw several folks carrying their bikes up 'n' over. was thinking there had to be a better way when i saw the slots. thought at first they were for drainage (3 slots wide), but decided i'd make 'em work for me. maybe they're not for bikes, but others used 'em after me, so maybe they are...

    total mileage was .225 century, snort. 22.5 miles. made it sound like a long way, didn't i? i'm fried, dehydrated, ugly (pre-existing condition), fat (ditto), and....kinda satisfied. took a bus mostly home.
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