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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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on by
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Originally Posted by AllenG View Post
I met General Yaeger and Neil Armstrong on the same day at Oshkosh several years back. One of the most memorable days of my life.
3 weeks
That's an hour and a half drive from me. I should go more often. Only been there once. It's kinda spendy, but I enjoyed it. I live very close to the local airport and we have our own airshow so I get a front row seat. Though nothing like Oshkosh.
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Stan A
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Ill vote for chuck Yeager also, but wanted to add Gregory Boyington
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Joseph Kittinger
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Does this landing look familiar ..
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Try this guy. Back when pilots were pilots. Doing a Barrel Roll in a early version of a 707.....
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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
Don't forget about downing five German planes in one day during WW2, as well as shooting down a German jet in the air with his P-51. Read his autobiography as well as the Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe for even more exploits, not all in the sky. He was shot down over France, escaped with the help of the Resistance and was returned to England, through Spain. Yaeger had to get Ike's personal approval to get back in the fight and got it to return to flying again over France then later Germany.
Bolding mine.

That impresses me. I had a friend who was named after his fathers best friend.

It worked out that my friend's father was flying a recon mission and his best friend was flying cover when a German Jet showed up.

The one flying cover engaged the jet long enough for his buddy flying recon to escape. He did not return himself.

EDIT: Both I and second cousin are named after a WW II test pilot who was killed testing a plane where the controls stuck. (and I am told it was known but ignored, at least until his death). Simulated strafing run and when he pulled out the controls stuck and he just looped into the ground.

Anyone who ends up a test pilot has to have guts. Too much skill is needed to explain it as lack of brains.

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I have a literal mind. I see the title and think of the captain making a long run through the passenger cabin several times in a flight. "Badass" has always seemed strange to me, but I can agree a badass fighter would rarely lose, since he wouldn't get many challengers.
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