I walked 10 miles to school. In 10ft of snow and that was the summertime, you should have seen the winter! It was uphill both ways! You young whipper snappers have no idea how good you had it.

Seriously. In elementary school it was probably less than a mile. I would come home for lunch. When it was time to go back to school, the janitor would ring the bell, you could hear it all over town. I think kids are missing out today not being able to come home and see mom.

I remember once walking home from school and Tommy was plying football with his father on the street. My friend and I joined in. Finally went home and my mom was screaming at me that it was time to go back to school. "Back to school? I don't need to go till morning", Well was I disappointed when I realized it was only lunch time.

Middle school 7-8 grade maybe over a mile.

Ninth grade I took a bus but if it was late getting to school to go home then I would walk 2-3 miles. I still needed to walk around a mile to get to and from the bus stop. We didn't get picked up in front of our houses back then.

High school, it was back to walking again. Maybe a mile.

We were allowed to drive in JS but my family could not afford a car let alone me having one. A schoolmate drove the family car in, on the first day he wrecked it. Had a couple of accidents right after that. We called him Crash.