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    Quote Originally Posted by mconlonx View Post
    Never used it.

    But we never:
    - had or used a garbage disposal in conjunction with a septic system
    - flushed things you shouldn't flush (condoms, sanitary napkins, etc.)
    - poured industrial-strength cleansers or other toxic waste down the drain.

    In 17 years of experience with two septic systems, we had to have one of them pumped, once...
    So far, one pair of toddler briefs have gone down (he's 3 and was potty training...), and one feminine product (Mrs. A forgot one time). They haven't broken the pump yet. We also didn't have a strainer on the kitchen sink drains for quite a while, but that has been remedied.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbenaugust View Post
    So which of you septic users throws enzymes or whatever into the septic system to aid digestion? I have heard it is useful and I have heard not.
    There is always some Ridex under the sink. But I bet it doesn't get flushed more than once a year if that.

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