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Wordbiker 10-03-13 08:39 PM




CbadRider 10-03-13 08:47 PM



CbadRider 10-03-13 08:51 PM

This one just squeaked in at the end of 1979.



skijor 10-04-13 01:08 AM


trackhub 10-05-13 03:44 PM

This group, "New York City", should have had more hits, but they didn't.

A true 70s soul classic. They just don't make it like this anymore.

Artkansas 10-05-13 06:53 PM


Originally Posted by Wordbiker (Post 16130294)

I always associate that song with this demo reel starting at 2:18. It shows what state of the art 3D animation was like at that time. It was my job to run the 16mm projector at Board of Director and client meetings.


bikeguyinvenice 10-09-13 04:17 AM

His biggest hit. My dad listened to this kind of music when I was a kid.


3alarmer 10-09-13 10:34 AM


TiBikeGuy 10-09-13 10:39 AM


Claude Francois Tears On The Telephone

bikeguyinvenice 10-09-13 10:49 AM

Totally classic 70's rock:


TiBikeGuy 10-09-13 04:18 PM


Richard and Karen Carpenter, the brother and sister duo had a string of hits in the 70's and 80's. I Know I Need To Be In Love, and Only Yesterday - are some of the easy listening songs sang by Karen.

3alarmer 10-09-13 04:55 PM



3alarmer 10-09-13 04:59 PM



Michigander 10-09-13 05:10 PM


3alarmer 10-09-13 10:03 PM


3alarmer 10-09-13 10:05 PM


3alarmer 10-09-13 10:11 PM



skidder 10-10-13 08:49 PM

Here 'ya go, Tonio K's 'Hatred' from about 1978. Just what you need when that seemingiy perfect romantic relationship suddenly goes bad . . . really, really bad.


skijor 10-11-13 12:51 AM


clemsongirl 10-11-13 03:26 AM



[video=youtube_share;Kl3i1GMuyeU]  [/video]



I-Like-To-Bike 10-12-13 11:39 PM



clemsongirl 10-14-13 12:02 AM


[video=youtube_share;ziQSNGFzlp4] [/video]

[video=youtube;y_8mIUY0VNk]  [/video]

[video=youtube_share;bqg90Qj2ApU] [/video]

[video=youtube_share;8WQVb_nuKvs] [/video]

skidder 10-14-13 07:22 PM

The short-lived, but influential, New York Dolls (1972?)


Michigander 10-14-13 07:34 PM


DX-MAN 10-15-13 08:38 AM

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