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trsidn 04-30-14 02:56 PM





skidder 05-06-14 06:52 PM

Heard this in the radio this morning and its been going through my brain all day long. Good stuff . . .


ahsposo 05-06-14 07:29 PM

I always think of this as a fishing tune...

chewybrian 05-07-14 02:08 AM


I like the other tune from Cream, but I feel compelled to add a video that shows Ginger Baker trippin' testicles, just to keep it real.


Deal4Fuji 05-07-14 06:20 AM

Heard a snippet of this on TV last night & it's been in my head. Always loved that "da, da da" beat. Released in '70 but I always think of this as a 60's song...close enough for R&R


chewybrian 05-14-14 08:57 AM


trsidn 05-14-14 09:07 AM


Deal4Fuji 05-14-14 09:52 AM

Such meaningful lyrics !! I like the Ramones cover, they add even more deapth


trsidn 05-14-14 10:37 AM



chewybrian 05-21-14 03:29 PM


noisebeam 05-21-14 04:13 PM

Nov. 1961:


Deal4Fuji 05-21-14 06:14 PM

Hard to believe this Bowie classic was orginally released in '69. Pretty cool (and rare) version


skidder 05-21-14 07:04 PM

Ya'll remember these three guys? Blue Cheer doing 'Summertime Blues' 1968


chewybrian 05-28-14 12:35 AM


Zinger 05-28-14 12:41 AM


Deal4Fuji 05-28-14 07:08 AM

"...some are dead and some are living, in my life I've loved them all..." Poignant lyrics and video


chewybrian 06-04-14 01:55 AM


trsidn 06-04-14 07:12 AM


trsidn 06-04-14 07:24 AM


And one that I used to hear on that subversive show called Captain Kangaroo....


chewybrian 06-11-14 01:57 AM


chewybrian 06-18-14 03:11 PM


chewybrian 06-25-14 04:06 AM


Deal4Fuji 06-25-14 07:43 AM

Excellent choice ChewyB....RIP Lou. Here's a good cover by the Cowboy Junkies. Since they're not 60's I'll just do it as a link if anyone wants to check it out:
I say again we need a covers thread & Sunday needs a music theme.

Here's the most famous studder in R&R. The Who at Woodstock with a baby faced Pete Townshend giving the guitar to the crowd after a few hard knocks. I always hated to see instruments destroyed.

trsidn 06-25-14 08:15 AM




skijor 06-25-14 08:30 AM



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