Been having issues with my cheap tablet (Nextbook 7" running Android 4.0). The Home button stopped working, couldn't access the Home screen, could only access whatever app popped up in the notifications area. Did a "refresh" which didn't help matters. All it would do is display the two splash screens and then goes to a white screen that shows a circle comprised of smaller circles chasing each other.

I did a bit of searching for troubleshooting and found out how to do a reset by using the power and volume control rocker. That loaded up just fine (which is how I know the bootloader is bad- it told me), selected the factory reset/wipe user data option and rebooted and still the spinning circle of doom.

Thing has a slot for a microSD card, so I started searching around for possibly running an OS off of that. Found something called N2A (Nook 2 Android) that allows someone to run Android on older Nook devices that can't access the Google Play Store (like the Nook Color). I'm wondering if I could use that (or similar) to power my device?