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    Vintage audiophiles - lend me your brains (difficulty Yamaha CR-840)

    Quick back story - wife inherited a turntable and receiver from her father who passed about a year ago. We had been thinking there was a problem with the turntable because the left channel was silent when the receiver was in stereo mode, but played when set to mono. Turns out after hooking up an ipod to the aux in, it's the receiver, not the table that is the issue.

    So, the unit is a Yamaha CR-840, a bit of internet research has turned up that these have an IC pre-amp chip that was proprietary to this series of Yamaha receivers and there appears to be no replacement part for it out there. Trying to determine if that is the issue we have, of if something else could be a more likely culprit that is worth investigating.


    1) left channel near-silent when set to Stereo (I can hear something on the speaker if volume cranked up and balance set to full-left side)
    2) can get plenty of sound out of both sides when receiver is set to mono
    3) issue is the same when listening to both phono and aux inputs (haven't tested the radio as of yet)

    So... thoughts?

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    I have one of these. Same problem. It's been sitting for 20 years in my basement. I think they can be fixed as I called an old fashioned repair place that fixes old tvs and stereos. Never went any further then that as I bought a new receiver.
    Not as good as the Yamaha.

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    If you can find a good repair guy he MIGHT be able to replace the op amp with something
    similar. Problem is, the repair could easily cost more than it's worth.

    Start looking for another used amp or receiver.

    You also might want to take it to a shop to make sure it's the op amp and not
    just a bad connection. It happens.
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