Two friends of mine and myself are going backpacking in SE Asia over the holidays and I'm looking for some educated recommendations. We'll be arriving in Bangkok very early on December 13, then we'll be at the Full Moon Party in Ko Phangan from approximately Dec. 2-Jan 1, then flying out of Bangkok on the 2nd, then home. The rest is up in the air.

We want to see as much as we can, both the city and the country, in the allotted time. We were planning to stay in Bangkok for about three days then heading out.

I was thinking of doing a trip by land from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh then flying to make the full moon, but that looks a little more difficult than I expected. My friends want to go to Cambodia, Laos, and Chiang Mai, then Ko Phangan, but those logistics look even more difficult.

So, do any of you Foosters have recommendations for this, or can refer me somewhere? At the moment I'm having difficulty with the information overload on the subject.

We're all in our mid-twenties, both my friends are female and I'm a male. We like to party, but are very much into the cultural offerings the world has to offer.

Thanks for the help.