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Yeah I should explain that was just kidding about those two particular hotels not the GasLamp scene in general.

I haven't been there for 13 years now (short visits since '93 when I moved from there) and would like to go back someday when I could afford it. Yeah back in the '70s downtown San Diego WAS the wild animal park, lol. Even in the early to mid '80s you could still get into trouble in places if you flashed your cash sometimes but it was changing even then.......Hey downtown is a whole new world than it was in the '70s though.

Wonder if Jim Croce's wife still has her restaurant on 5th. I'd take dates in there for breakfast back in the '80s and early '90s.
I believe it IS still there... http://www.croces.com/ but about to move...

Croce’s Park West will officially open for Restaurant Week, January 19th.

Croce’s Park West offers a welcoming retreat for our neighbors and visitors. Located at 2760 Fifth Avenue, we serve a contemporary menu with American tapas, half portions and full dinners. Our generous patio has an extended cabana-style awning and opens into the bar room, for happy hour specials, bar snacks, specialty cocktails, 18 beers on tap and our award-winning wine list. We have 5 very distinct areas to enjoy Croce’s Park West – Patio, Lounge, Cozy booths, open dining, and banquettes. “The Expatriate Room” offers live music, with jazz musicians and singer-songwriters. There’s even valet parking!