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Old 01-27-14, 09:12 PM   #1
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Google Maps: how often do the satellite images get updated?

Does anyone know how frequently the google map satellite images get updated? Is there a way to know the date when the photo was taken?
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I see a lot of images that seem to be several years old. I was looking for a restaurant near where I work and when I found it, the images were for the previous restaurant in that location, with a completely different design.

My wife and I moved a few months ago. Our new neighbors told us that the house where we live now once had a pool in the back yard, but doesn't have one now. I've noticed this before- when you zoom in or out with aerial images, sometimes you notice that the images were taken at different times because the subject changes slightly. I was looking at aerial views on the net for our new house and as I zoomed in and out the pool would appear in some images and not be visible in others.
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lol I shouldn't admit this I once thought it was live. so I went outside and shined my flashlight up and went inside on google to look for the light. man I am dumb lol
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on by
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Updated every year, perhaps....linky

Month and year only on a given image...
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If you are in street view, there is a "report problem" tag on the bottom of the image. Click that and it gives the photo date. I just looked at one that is 2 1/2 years old.
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Originally Posted by jdon View Post
If you are in street view, there is a "report problem" tag on the bottom of the image. Click that and it gives the photo date. I just looked at one that is 2 1/2 years old.
I see dates at the bottom of the Street View images without doing the "report problem" link.

For satellite maps, click the "Edit in Google Map Maker" and it shows the map date at the bottom.

This is interesting: when the Street View loads, click the forward arrow and see the transformation in time. Woah.
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To add I will say the the whole database of not only google maps, but the whole google earth system, is just 70 terras. Sure sounds big, but given the incredible amount of images, 70 terras is peanuts. In fact, 70 terras is an amount of space totally within the reach of the average geek at the personal level. With the cheapest hard drives right now being at $25 per terra (on 1.5TB newegg), it would be $1,750 worth of drives. Thow in some ultra cheapo raid cards to handle the 40something drives array and dual core rig, and you can get the storage capacity for about $2,500 USD (redundancy be dam).

Hence, there is a copy of this data on pretty much every google data center to act as proxy.
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Don't know how old it is, but at least a year old at my home. It shows my wife coming home from grocery shopping in the Mazda which she rolled over 11 months ago.

I know she was grocery shopping because it caught her coming in on our road, then she beat the satellite because she is also parked backwards in the driveway. She only backs in when she's full of groceries.

I see via the "edit maps" trick mentioned, 9/12/12, which would have been a Wednesday, grocery day, LOL.

Previous to that update showed my 1988 Toyota in the driveway which would have been 2002.

Bing maps on bird's eye view shows my garden on the south end of the property which would have been between before 2007 because I think it is my Tacoma pickup truck in the driveway. Regular Aerial view is 2011 because I moved the garden to the north end for just that year and the Mazda which replaced the Tacoma is in the driveway.

I don't get street view way out in the sticks.
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There is a photo of me riding my bike on there that is over two years old, and the grocery store down the street still shows up as an empty lot, though the store has been there for two years.

When my photo got on the map, I was tailing a car that was taking pictures from a camera in a big plastic bubble on top. So, it's easy to understand why street view would be expensive to update frequently, if they have to drive every street. It seems like it should be much easier to update the satellite photos, though.
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In this part of the world, the street view was last updated in 2007. There are several sub-divisions around here that have come up since then. Makes it a bit difficult to check out the neighbourhood of an area where we might be interested in moving.
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