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    Quote Originally Posted by himespau View Post
    On the other hand, it's not so fun to keep doing the same themes over and over again (the ones everyone has pictures for), so I don't know what the middle ground is.
    I've collected together theme suggestions from other photography forums. If we went through these one at a time, we'd have enough different themes for about 5 years. But perhaps these ideas might trigger additional ideas as well ... and there could be a lot more ...

    • 5 minutes from home / 1 km from home
    • a look in the pantry
    • abstract
    • animals
    • archways
    • around the house
    • backlit
    • beach detail/beach macro
    • books
    • bridges
    • churches
    • circles
    • clouds
    • colour green, colour blue, colour yellow, colour _____
    • coming of summer
    • cool
    • different perspective (i.e. shooting the photo from an unusual perspective)
    • divided
    • flowers
    • food
    • forest
    • friendship
    • fruit
    • fungi
    • golden hour
    • home
    • horizontal lines
    • hot
    • human form
    • in the kitchen
    • industry
    • inside looking out
    • joy
    • long exposure
    • modern architecture
    • must include ... a specific but common object. Not sure what, maybe a pen, salt shaker, jacket, shoes ... The object could appear in any setting but must not be the main focus of the photo. I'm thinking of those puzzles where you have to locate certain objects within a picture.
    • old architecture
    • patterns
    • rain
    • reflections
    • religion
    • rural life
    • shadows
    • signs
    • silhouettes
    • something new
    • something old
    • something old and something new together in the same photo
    • still life
    • sunrise/sunset
    • technology
    • teeth
    • textures
    • tracks
    • trails and paths
    • transparent
    • transportation
    • triangles
    • vertical lines
    • water
    • what’s in the shed/garage

    Remember ... if you don't have a photo for a particular theme in your existing photo collection ... you can always go out and take one.

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    A few more theme ideas ...

    Themes ... a poem

    Quiet nights
    Indoor lights
    An object close at hand
    Favourite places
    Finding faces (i.e. not human or animal … faces in trees, grills of cars, building facades, etc.)
    Symbol of a distant land
    Towering trees
    Buzzing bees
    Outside looking in
    Paper and pens
    Shaded glens
    Someone with a grin
    From a song
    Something strong
    What does courage mean to you
    Latest fashion
    What’s your passion
    Marvelous fantastic view
    Welcoming door
    From the floor (as in, if you laid down on the floor and took a photo from that perspective)
    Sculpture in the park
    Back to school
    Choose your tool
    It only takes a spark

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    I've already picked the general idea of mine for next month.

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    More Themes

    You could also go with …

    Abandoned dilapidated houses and barns
    Artificial lighting … using a flash or other indoor lighting
    Black and white
    Book Titles … perhaps from a specific author (i.e. Shakespeare)
    Famous Quotes
    Fences and/or Gates
    Gardens and Gardening
    Letters or Numbers … focussing in on an individual letter or number on a sign, on food packaging, etc.
    Local Landmarks
    Mimic the style of your favourite photographer
    Monochrome … all one colour, not necessarily black & white
    Movie Titles … perhaps from a specific genre or series (i.e. James Bond Movies)
    Natural lighting
    On a Walk
    On the Ground
    Parallel Lines
    Piles of Things
    Rows of Things
    Self portrait
    Shallow depth of field
    Stormy Weather
    Street Murals or Graffiti
    Up In the Sky

    If you all especially like any of these themes, or if you can think of any I haven’t mentioned, let us all know. It’ll give us an idea what sort of themes to choose to keep the interest.

    If you’re stuck for inspiration for photos to meet a particular theme, use Google to look up desktop wallpapers in that theme. Chances are there will be heaps of photos and other artwork that might spark some ideas you can try to recreate in your own photos. Some of those desktop wallpapers are really good.

    And what about a personal invitation to everyone who listed “photography” as their hobby in this thread to join the monthly photography thread? Maybe we’d get more than a dozen people posting photos.

    Your Other Sports/Hobbies

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    I haven't been posting lately, but occasionally check out what's happening in Foo. The photography contest is one of the threads I check out, more that others ... except for Jsharr's B'day bass fish posts of course. Personally I like the monthly format ... or the 3 week format that Machka proposed. Keeping it shorter will keep people more engaged. I like the winners picking the theme, and foosters voting for their favourite 3. If we go to voting in a poll (anonymously), then if I'm right our only choices will be to pick one winner, or have the option to choose as many as people want. I don't think the poll can be limited to choosing just 3. You could PM your votes to a person assigned as the 'vote counter', but I doubt I would bother doing that. Did I mention that I tend to resist change

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    While not a regular Fooster, I often check the thread, rarely vote on it, and occasionally post a picture. I enjoy it and prefer the monthly format. Tom, thanks for the Ti incentive.
    '68 Raleigh Sprite, '02 Raleigh C500, '84 Raleigh Gran Prix, '91 Trek 400

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