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    Bonnethead Shark with citrus, garlic, onion and curry marinade, Applewood Smoked

    Meegt our dinner tonight, down here in South him Jabberjaws!


    Now, to eat shark, you have to bleed them, gut them and ice them down fast. Otherwise, they smell and taste like ammonia, because of urea building up in the muscle tissue. Yep, sharks pee through the skin. When you clean them and skin them, have several knives handy and a sharpener. Sharkskin really dulls a blade fast. After they are cleaned, and filleted, cut the fillets into small steaks and soak n salt watrer or milk overnight and then marinate before smoking them.

    raw shark steaks.jpg

    I marinate shark meat in the following:

    1 cup OJ
    4 TBSP Lemon Juice
    1/2 cup chopped parsley
    4 cloves of minced and pressed garlic
    1/2 a Vidalia or Peruvian Sweet Onion (same onion, same soil conditions, just grown in either Ga or Peru)
    1 TBSP Everglades Heat Seasoning
    1 TBSP powdered Curry
    1 tsp coarse blackpepper or coarse ground dried Juniper berries

    Marinate the steaks no more than 1 hour, and hot smoke the fillet steaks at around 220 degrees F or 105 degrees C for you Euro or Canadian types. It won't take long, 30-40 minutes to smoke them until flakey, but still moist with a core temp of 140 degrees F if you're a thermometer purist. I prefer Applewood, but you can also use alm, or Orange wood, or cherry wood as the smoke wood. Hickory or Mesquite or Pecan will overwhelm the flavor of the shark meat. I like to serve a Creolew stylew red beans and ricew dish with the shark, myself.

    applewood smoked shark.jpg

    Now, the shark meat has a really delicate flavor, and the way I do it, it has a little hint of curry and citrus flair, a bit of tongue fire from the Heat seasoning and a slight undertone taste reminiscent of truffles, of all things. If you ever have the opportunity to try this recipe , by all means, do it! YOU'LL HAVE A TASTE TREAT, i ASSURE YOU. Fresh shark just can'rt be beat.
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    Looks like a really great recipe.

    I will continue to pray for your recovery, Tom...

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    Shark used to be really popular here in California, but I havent much of it for a year or two. Maybe the good tasting ones went to Florida.

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    There's a seafood place in my neighborhood that serves a variety of fish.
    I've tried a few dishes there and one day ordered shark for the 1st time;
    not sure which kind. It was prepared their usual way; on the skillet. I found
    it to be tough; even tougher than swordfish. Is it because of the way they
    prepared/cooked it? Or would you also say that shark steak is a bit tough?

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