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Thread: Pacers

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    I know a lot of you don't care, but if you don't care just don't post.

    My beloved Pacers just won their 5th game in a row (by beating the Cavs) and only need to win 4 of their final 8 to clinch a playoff spot. And that's assuming New Jersey will win all of its remaining games.

    The next 4 games: Washington (beat them on the 3rd), NY (beat them last night), Toronto (they suck), and New Jersey. It would be pretty sweet to win the next 4 and eliminate the Nets firsthand.

    All in all it looks like we'll finish 6th and have an opening round matchup with the Celtics, who we've eliminated 2 years in a row. We could even get homecourt advantage if we end up with a better record (Celts would be a higher seed because they won their piece of crap division). Once we beat the Celts guess who we'd face: Detroit. If JO and Tinsley return from injuries we can beat Detroit (season series is tied at 2-2), and that would most likely lead to a matchup with the Heat. For whatever reason we've had their number this year (up 3-0, all OT games), so we can win that series as well.

    You heard it here first- the Pacers are going to make it to the NBA finals despite all of the crap that's happened this year. One last chance for Reggie.

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    I wish the Pacers and Reggie the best of luck --- it would be a good story.

    You almost sound like me during Dan Marino's final years
    " Las Vegas where -the electric bills are staggering -the decor hog wild -and the entertainment saccharine -what a golden age -what a time of right and reason -the consumer's king -and unhappiness is treason..."

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