I have a 2001 lemond te de course well the other day while wiping the beauty down after a ride i noticed a split starting in the rear rim right by a nipple of the spoke and was almost in tears, the rims are rolf sestriere i wrote to lemond cycles and will go to the bike shop tomorrow to have the owner get ahold of the rep because i feel they should take care of this matter. the rims have been bad news since day 1 they would not staytrue and were sent back and were rebuilt with different spokes put on and have been very happy with them as they have stayed true now this happens my lemond is by no means been abused in any way the lemond has only been ridden on the best roads in my area.if i ever encounter bad stretch of road in some other area i will walk or limp my way by. this is my dream bike and cherish it like someone that owns a ferarri. what do you people think will they own up to this very heartbreaking situation?????? Bikeman1956 ride on people!!