Anyone else a bit disappointed with the new "Market Place"? Personally I see no reason to even venture into the "Advertise Your Services" forum. It seems to be the equivalent to the ads at the back of a magazine. Basically if you pay off Joe you can spam once per month? The "Affiliate Links" seems a bit sterile but I guess it will work. How often and how fast new coupon codes get updated will remain to be seen. May be time to find a new source for my Performance coupon code fixes. The whole pay Joe so you can post in the "For Sale" forum kinda sucks but I guess everything can't be free, except maybe the "pay if forward" thread. Sorry if I'm coming across as a cynic but I miss the "Hot Deals" and guess I'll have to do without the extra 10 hits I'd get from posting my occassional Ebay auction link for that cycling jersey that didn't fit quite right.