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    suggestion: Travel forum

    A forum to discuss the issues related to bike travel would be most useful. If people are trying to plan a DIY bike tour of a foreign country (i.e. follow a TrekTravel or Backroads itinerary without paying $3k+ per person), they will have lots of questions that can be better answered by fellow cyclists than by google searches. For instance:

    Where can I rent a decent bike in (insert city here)?
    Has anyone biked around (insert scenic foreign region here)?
    Can I take my bike on the trains in (insert country here)?

    These don't really fit in to the "Touring" forum, which seems more dedicated to the equipment needed for very long tours.

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    That's the Touring Forum. Everything you wanted to know and ask about traveling with your bike. It's all in therre!

    It's not just equipment. I've gotten so much wisdom from what kind of racks work best with your bike, to how to pack a bike, to what airlines/trains/buses can I take my bike, to getting advice about whatever country I am thinking of visiting, to how to travel solo and be as self sustaining as possible.

    If you have a question, ask there. I'm sure they can help.

    Koffee Brown

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