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    Searching for pictures/images

    I've poked around Google help and this forums help but have not found the solution I seek.

    There are some forum threads where members regularly post pictures of their bikes... say the commuter's forum thread entitled

    Commuter Bicycle Pics

    Like an old cliche, in particular for this forum I really enjoy "just looking at the pictures". I'd like to do a google search for just the images.

    Google search supports domain searches (simply type in the search box for example) but this did not work for me when pointed at the Commting Forum. Possibly I need to add a keyword as well.

    Any thoughts on this? Of course, a more advanced feature would only show me the new images, keeping track of those already viewed much like the forum software works.


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    Google will not index every single thread on the forum which is why you may not find any results, also you should use


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