Hey Joe,

I just had an idea for a forum that lets people post about their most recent ride; it could be called something like "Ride Reports". This would help declog the General Discussion, Road Cycling, and Mountain Biking forums to name a few. I just think it would be a neat thing to read about other people's rides and they could post their stats and things in there and almost use it as a bike journal if they wanted, though that could cause an increase in bandwidth.

Building on that, you might even make a whole new category that had a "Ride Reports" and "Where to Ride" forum in it. In "Where to Ride" people who just moved somewhere or are going on a vacation somewhere could ask the other members about some good places to ride around there. These two forums don't even have to have their own category, they can just be put in with all the others if you so desire.

These are just a couple of ideas I just had about some forums that I think could help the boards prosper even more. Please take these ideas in to consideration.