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    Dead ThreadsFrom a recent post in General:

    From a recent post in "General."

    Quote Originally Posted by Wordbiker View Post
    You did realize this thread's been dead for over 4 years, right?
    Which brings me to one of my favorite topics and a suggestion for the forum mods:

    The reviving of old dead threads - and newbies or folks who may not be aware that a thread is old; and

    the possibility of some sort of screen warning coming up when someone posts to a "dead" thread - such as:

    "You are posting to a thread that has had no activity for 12 months" - or something like that.

    It doesn't prevent folks from posting, just gives them a clue that perhaps a new thread is in order, as it is likely that the original posters are no longer on the forum, or may have even changed their positions on the topic.
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    I am sure the vB software could be configured so as to automatically generate such an "old thread" notice, either as a feature that simply needs to be enabled and/or added by our Tech Geniuses.

    Indeed, others have thought of this already. For example, in SMF (Simple Machines Forum software)--which I use on my boards--there is such a feature built-in which is configured in the Admin panel. The notice appears on the Reply to Thread page (where the post is drafted) and reads similarly to what you suggested here.
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