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    Frequently when I reply to a thread....

    This is what I get after a long wait, this is at home and when on the road with a laptop:

    2008 Ford Official Site
    Visit the Official Ford Site Now for the Latest Ford SUV Info.
    Lincoln Navigator
    Visit the Official Site Now for the Latest Lincoln Navigator Info!
    lincoln. com/ navigator
    Ads by Google
    The Traffic Safety Store™
    Cones as low as $5.95. Buy on-line for Same day shipping - No Minimum.
    TrafficSafetyStore. com
    Ads by Google
    Safe Driving
    Ford - Building Safety Technology Into Each & Every Ford Vehicle.
    Ads by Google
    Auto Insurance Rates
    Don't Overpay For Auto Insurance. Compare Free Quotes Online & Save!
    Safe Driving
    Ford - Building Safety Technology Into Each & Every Ford Vehicle.

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    Would you like more Hemis?

    You could always free the pictures from your computer though I don't think this would help

    Have you noticed the GT Catch and Release photo contest yet?

    All of those ads are indeed placed by Google Syndication and it would be great if Brian had total editorial control over content but the truth of the matter is they are placed by Google based on what Google finds searching the group and if no other ads have actually been purchased to run here long term (like that Spadout ad about not being as their not being as pretty as the model or folding bikes).

    We had a long thread about a European Ford diesel that gets 65 mpg (not coming here) and also one about four wheeled pedal cars and a few other threads that probably set Google's Perfect Mind (100 pts if you can tell me who they removed it from) to Deep Thought.

    That big, wide sucking noise is something else, huh?

    Just wondering, did you like the woman in the biker dating ad? I think I'd leave her to bug Chuck.

    I'm sure Internet Brands thanks you for noticing (you certainly nailed it) and I thank you for writing even I am rather useless on the subject!
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