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    Bike Trials, (would be nice to see a forum on it)

    I would love to see a forum started on Bike Trials. It doesn't really fit with the MTB forum or with the BMX forum. How hard would it be to start a forum on this? Who does one lobby to do this?

    Since I have your attention, can you point me to a good Bike Trials forum? Perferably one centered mostly in the US, but doesn't have to be. Also I'm looking for some great videos on urban trials. So if you have a fav(s), please post, or post the link. I'm interested in seeing excellent riders in action, especially doing big drops.

    For some that may not know what trials is, you can search youtube for "bicycle trials" and get lots of hits.

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    Hmmm. I'm not into that. Try asking in the SS/FG forum or the Alt Bike Culture forum.
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