Lately pages have been loading slow for me, and I have 384kb/sec cable internet. The time it takes the pages to appear is 5-7 seconds or more. I know that the server can get busy at times, but I get at least a five-second wait all the time. The only difference during evenings is that it's even a longer wait than that.

From the status bar of Firefox, I can see that the reason the page is loading is because the browser is waiting for remote servers. I have not seen this problem on any other website at the same time, unless it was caused by a similar problem that could be remedied the same way. If I localhost only three domain names, the pages load in well under a second.

I don't use any ad-blockers and I usually don't mind the fact that the website has ads, I know it's just part of the reality of doing business and sometimes I even click on interesting ones--but not being able to see a website content page because the remote ads won't load is one of the biggest internet annoyances ever created. It would be really, really nice to make sure that a slow remote server won't ever slow down (or prevent!) the website pages from loading.