Would it be a good thing to put a little more VB code in to highlight the off-topic parts of a thread?

I know things have a way of digressing, and often a post is half reply to another poster, half reply to the original question or statement... I've seen (and used) stuff like this before:

Insert off topic statement here.

It's probably impossible to eliminate off topic posts, but this might help seperate the conversations some. You could do it now with
Quote Originally Posted by Off-Topic
but then there's that 'Originally Posted by Off-Topic' thing at the beginning of each box... It would be cool if you could get it to just read 'Off Topic'.

I dunno, just seems like a good idea right now... Put a little box around the part of the post that doesn't have anything to do with the original post... And since the quote boxes do it, I don't see it taking that much effort...