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    I've got an idea... how about giving away a decal with Bike Forums logo and URL as a benefit of 'upgrading' membership (for proud display on the object/vehicle of the member's choosing). Members would have a tangible way of showing their support, and the URL could gain even more exposure...

    If you could get some members to donate time or materials, I think it could be done at virtually no cost. I am a graphic designer and would gladly do the layout and pre-press work... maybe somebody on the forums works at a printing company?

    I think it could also engineer a reason for some members to upgrade annually, if the decal design changed from year to year, and collecting Bike Forums decals would become a way to increase your street cred (naturally )

    It's just an idea... I just think the logo (favorites icon) is cool. I wouldn't think twice about sticking it on my commuter's fenders (or my neighbor's SUV)
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    Not quite what you're looking for, but how about a BikeForums t-shirt?

    Hey Mods, any way of getting this gem a little more exposure to promote the site?
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