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    More on Quote versus Quoted Notifications -- Two Different Things

    Thanks for the response I got in this thread. However, that solution (User Tag Settings) does not answer my question. I am clarifying here because the thread was closed.

    There is an option for hiding quote alerts. But there are two types of quote alerts, one good one bad (see below). There is apparently no way to turn off one type and not the other. That is what I was asking.

    IOW, I want to get a notification when someone quotes me. I do not want to get a notification when I quote someone else.

    No big deal, but perhaps you can pass this on to vBulletin.

    It's good to get a notification that someone quoted you. If someone quoted you, what they say is likely to be of interest, and you might miss it without notification.

    However, I see no value in being notified when you quote someone else. You already know that you quoted them, so why be notified?

    Is there any way to keep the first type of notification and lose the second?

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    This is the best I can do for you, You can customize to a major extent via these under settings>user tagging>settinmgs

    tagging screenshot.jpg
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