There is a lot of misunderstanding and that creates not needed mess in some threads...It got me thinking...
Let's say I post something about my tire choice. 700x28 Vittoria Rubino at 110psi as a bomb proof tire. Now, I'm at around 280 lbs, hybrid bike and riding mostly on smooth surfaces. Other person reading my post may be half of my weight, riding more rough trails, road bike instead of hybrid and so on... Obviously even with same tire there is two completely different needs. He will need less psi which will change how the tires behave and so on.
I know it may be a nightmare to add new option to the forum software, but something in a similar form to the signature with few extra info may help clear potential questions from others. I'm talking rider weight, type of bike, type of riding... Going even further, user with more than one bike could create few of these extra info files and be able to attach/use the right one to his posting just clicking the check mark in the window where he writes the post.
Just an idea from a tired cyclist....sorry if I wasn't too clear. Its late lol