Since I installed Windows 7 and IE 11 I have noticed peculiar behaviors when using certain versions of vB...actually most of them...except 4.2.0

One site still uses 3.8.5, off the top I can't recall what The CABE uses but 4.2.1 does the same thing. In Firefox using Linux Mint 13 Maya things are stable on all versions.

The problem is that my keyboard acts a wee bit 'drunk' where it's dead sober elsewhere. Keystrokes are missed, space, delete and certain letters are problematic and I have to bang it out deliberately and measured, which is no guarantee it will work or even POST without hanging the page, tough to get out of and sometimes next to impossible. In FF there is no problem whatsoever.

I cannot explain this and hope an IB rep or admin can. I'm NOT having that problem here but since I did my part and ditched XP some things oughta work.

Thanks for keeping Bike Forums running as smoothly as you can.