Hey all, a great way to build post count as well as community is to go into our Introductions forum and welcome new members. 50 greetings is fifty posts, and the PM box magically opens up.

Lounge posts (Foo and the others in the lounge) do not build post count, so y'all know. The rest of the forums do count toward post count as well.

Finally, if you upgrade to premium Titanium membership, your PM box opens, you lose the ads, and you get access to all forums to start threads, including the Titanium Club and all the Marketplace areas from the central "General" Market to the specialized Road or Folding Bike, or Mountainbike Markets.

This can be done here: http://www.bikeforums.net/payments.php

We instituted the 50 post minimum for good reason and are not planning on changing policy anytime in the near or even far future. This ;lst minimum also apploies to access requests being approved for access to our shielded Women's Forum (Access to that is granted by Siu Blue Wind, my able right hand) via a PM request, so you still have to have those 50 posts, or a request via PM to me for access to Politics and Religion, also an invitation only forum with a 50 post minimum